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Here you can find us at Systembolaget!


Vi firar 20 år som vinfirma under hela hösten/vintern med olika event.

Triplusvin firar 20 år


Senaste tillskottet i vår dryckesportfölj är Cantina Girlan från Alto Adige, Italien.

Nytt i dryckesportföljen



Great portfolio with high quality! A really nice company who are very helpful with great knowledge. A great supplier who can fill your wine list.

Daniel Ahlén,

Lyktan Sälen


Triplusvin provides a service way above your expectations. They always show up with a smile, 24/7, when delivering the goods. They are personal, caring and generous.

Pernilla Söderström,

Restaurang Sjökanten Lidköping


Triplusvin always has the customer in focus. They deliver our lovely house-champagne from the fantastic producer Gatinois.

Christofer Johansson,

Hotell Borgholm Öland


What we do

Over 20 years we have dedicated our time to what we love: wine and spirits. It started off in the 90's on the roads in Europe with a wine dictionary. Today we are family-run business with a big wine portfolio - and an even bigger love for wine. We are present in both restaurants and Systembolaget.

We have a fantastic range of producers from all over Europe. They have become like a family after all these years. The producers have great knowledge within the field and that reflects in the glass. With over 130 articles in our portfolio, we are certain that there is something for everyone.

We are the wine and spirits importer that are small enough to be personal - but big enough to deliver.

Här hittar du oss på Systembolaget!

The Lidköping wine-family



Lidköping White

Dry and fresh riesling from Markus Lundén, Germany.

An extremely well-made riesling with hints of green apples and great freshness. Best suited for Asian food, fish dishes or salads.



Lidköping Red

Fruity and balanced red wine from La Grange, France.

A perfect easy-drinking red wine. The wine has a fruity character with flavors of red berries and cherries.




Lidköping Rosé

Summery and light rosé wine from La Grange, France.

Refreshing and fresh rosé with taste of strawberries, hints of red apples. Best suited for snacks or chicken dishes. 

Prosecco flaska.png


Lidköping Prosecco

Fresh and fruity prosecco from Ruggeri which is one of Italy's best prosecco producers.

Enjoy this prosecco with light snacks.


Lidköping Champagne

Dry, exclusive and balanced champagne from Antoine Derigny, France.

The champagne has hints of honey and citrus. Fits well just as it is, or together with snacks.


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